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Our parents taught us to be a fault.

Posted on January 11, 2019 at 11:30 AM

If you had parents like mine, you were polite to everyone. If you weren't, you were in some serious trouble. 

So a thought hit me yesterday while checking out at our local mini mart. I walked up, said Hi How are you? She responded with good and you? I said great. She said good, thanks. She immediately was like, no...that doesn't make sense. Haha. I said girl, me all the time. 

So the more I thought about how many times I say something like that the more I laughed. We call it being socially awkward. When in reality, we are just programmed by our scary parents to be super polite. So politeness comes out of our mouth even when it doesn't make sense in the conversation itself. 

Like when your waiter or waitress says enjoy your meal and you say you too. Like they have time to eat. 

So the next time you say something like this, just say sorry, my parents beat me as a child if I wasn't polite. Problem solved. 


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