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Hello Stranger...

Posted on January 10, 2019 at 2:25 PM

Well hello everyone. Of course the stranger I'm talking about in the title of this is me. I fell off the wagon. After you get to know me (or if you already do) you will know that I fall off of things a lot. However, this year is going to be different!! How you ask? With one word. 

Yeah, one word. It's going to shape my entire 2019!! My word for the year is Consistency. Lord knows that is my biggest fight! I suck at it to put it frankly. With 4 kids, 1 husband, 1 dog, 1 cat, and 1's really easy to just let things be. It's also super easy to get motivated for the new year and then a week in (or a day in) the motivation is gone. Goals disappear and we fall back into the same routine. 

So, instead of setting up your new year with goals, set your year up with a word. Just one. One word you struggle with and want to improve. It can literally be anything. Don't make this hard people. If you struggle...I seriously advice you to pick up a copy of Jon Gordon's book called...One Word That Will Change Your Life. (You can find your own copy here It is a great read (as are all of his books, so you really should get them all). 

So to continue with my word of the year, consistency, I've decided to stay consistent with this blog. So here are some things you can expect from me in the future:

1. Realness. I will complain about being a mother and I will also complain about my girls. Just know that I wouldn't change a thing, but let's face it, it's not easy. Those who make it seem easy just hide it better than others. 

2. Oily Talk. I will talk about Young Living, their products, their organizations, and testimonies. It's my job, it's what I do and it's one of the money things I love. 

3. Sports Photography. During the in season, I am a photographer of ATV, Quad, Trikes, etc. My husband races and this year, 2 of our girls will be jumping on that as well. Summer is super busy for us and we love it. 

4. Non Filtered Sarcasm. I am a sarcastic, unfiltered, real talk kind of mom. There will be adult words, adult content, sales, suggestions, my favorites...on and on. So please know this before you decide to jump on my bandwagon. :) Although, I really hope you stay. 

I feel like we need more real moms next door to come out of the wood works and admit that life is not all rainbows and unicorns in motherhood. It's stupid hard and frustrating and the duties suck sometimes. If we shared our difficulties, our nervous breakdowns and how much we hate doing laundry, and how our kids are sometimes assholes (and that's okay), we would feel less alone and more normal (not the setting on the dryer...I HATE LAUNDRY!!!

Until next time friends. 


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