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Standardized Testing

Posted on October 16, 2017 at 1:00 PM

Why is it that we expect our kids to walk away feeling confident in their intellegence when we give them a score of average on testing? When I took my SATs, I got an "average" score. I walked away from that feeling normal, like I could never do anything spectacular. Yet here I am killing it!! When we teach our kids that there is a below average, average, and above average....they will never see themselves as anything more than that. That's sad. To me, its down right heart breaking. 

Why not give the score without a title attached to it! Like, hey, you did an awesome job and you are bound for great things!! We should be teaching our children that anything is possible and that they can accomplish anything they work hard for. Could you imagine how awesome the future would be for us if we just worked on letting people feel good about themselves and not tearing them down? 

I leave you with this thought, the next time your kid brings home an "average" grade, celebrate the heck out of it and them! It will go further than you think. 

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