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All the hate in the world....

Posted on January 31, 2017 at 1:10 PM

Can we just stop? Please? We are losing great relationships with family and friends over a difference in opinions! To all those about turning that energy to doing something that will really make a difference. Like handing out food and blankets to the homeless and poor. Even volunteering at your local shelters. You can make a difference that way! Standing there with signs saying things like "Trump's not our president" isn't doing anything. I will also add that if you are a citizen of the United States...he is in fact, your president. You need to start praying for him. Praying that God gives him guidence and strength. Hoping he fails...that's not helping you or anyone else. We can have different opinions and still get along and disagree with love. 

homeschooling has forced me to get my kids to express their opinions on things. When they are different than mine, I let them know that it's great to have different opinons. It's all about how you share them and discuss them. When you berate someone because of their beliefs, you are no better than all the hate going on in the world already. Stop adding to it!

On a positive note! I have the most amazing aha moment to share with everyone. The stress of the election and all the posts on facebook has absolutely torn me down. Straight to my soul. To deal, I grabbed my Young Living Stress Away (Check out how you can get a hold of that beauty by contacting me!) and applied it....heavily. It hurts to see so many that were upset by how much hate was in the world and now they are just adding to it. It makes no sense to me. 

On an ending note, teach your children love and you can watch the world change for the better. Don't pass on hatred, pass on how to change the world. 

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