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Diapers, Toddlers, and Attitude

Posted on October 19, 2016 at 9:20 PM

Let's take a moment and appreciate all the diapers that have passed through this house.....Okay that's enough. 10 years people. That's how long I've been buying and changing diapers. NO MORE!! All 4 kids are doing their thing on the potty. No diapers...that is something that seemed so far away and unreachable. Yet here we are. My littlest is only 2 1/2. Not one of my others were potty trained that soon. I credit potty training both toddles at the same time. Team work is dream work!! I'm still wiping butts...but atleast it's not smooshed.

Okay, moving on from the icky mom stuff. Let's talk working from home. I just recently got a job with Amazon working from home doing customer service. I start the 23rd. Let me lay out my day. I get up at 6:30am, get my kids ready for school, teach them (we homeschool), lay toddles down for a nap, and start work at 2pm and work until 1:30am. Then repeat. Am I absolutely out of my mind? I pray that I can do this and help provide even more monetary support for my family. I love doing my oils and that brings in good money. This will bring in even more. Paying off my credit card and putting dents in other debt we carry will be so amazingly helpful!!

How in the world did I get old enough to have a 10 year old? My oldest will be 10 in January and I'm not sure I'm old enough for that. It's so hard to believe that my first born baby will be in the 2 digits!! However, when she speaks....that two digit attitude comes out. Like for real. You'd think she was 16! "It's not fair that I have to put clothes away!" Really. Really kid. You think that's what's not fair? Wait until you have to do ALL the chores yourself and work. Then tell me what's not fair! My dream when I grow up is to be able to go to her house, wake her up at 3am, tell her I'm thirsty and that I lost my blanket. Then eat all her food, leave all her lights on, and walk out the door....and leave it open! Those are goals people...

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