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How in the world...

Posted on October 10, 2016 at 7:50 PM

We just celebrated a birthday. My 3rd born just turned 4. I can't believe how fast time goes. Everyone tells you that it will go fast, but man, until it happens, you have no idea what they are talking about! In a couple of months my oldest will be 10. I don't feel like I"m even close to old enough to have a kid in the double digits. I always thought you had to be old to have a 10 year old...guess not. :)

On another note, all 4 of my girls are out of diapers!! Hallelujeah!! I never thought I'd be at that time in my life when I wasn't changing diapers. Almost 10 years of that crap (Literally) and I'm finally free of diapers!! It's the most freeing feeling EVER!! I feel like a party is definitely the thing to do here. Who doesn't love when their kids can crap in the toilet? 

I am currently listening to The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. This book....genius! Within the first 20 minutes of listening to it I was transformed. From someone who set limitations for myself to breaking through the fake limitations I've set for myself. He talks about how back in the day they put a limit on the cars at 30mph. They feared that the body couldn't survive at any speed higher and would blow up. Some coureageous people decided they were going to break through that limit. Guess what....they didn't explode. Limits...they just hold you back. So I've promised myself that there will be no more limits. No more excuses. Just progess and motivation. Weren't we taught at a young age that we would be able to be anything we wanted to be? What happened to that confidence? Limits....they happened. Go back to that youthful thinking and be anything you want to be. Do what you want to do that will help you get to where you want to be. Find your happiness and know that you can be happy and have a happy life if you just allow yourself to do so!!

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