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Well hello there! I'm glad you stumbled upon this page!!

My name is Ashley. I am married to a quad racer (yes, we are broke) and we have 4 daughters. Yes, all girls and yes, all his.

We are a homeschooling family and a mostly non toxic family. I say mostly because we still eat junk food and they eat McDonald's. So we are not a crunchy family, but we take out toxins where we can in our everyday items with Young Living products. You can check out more at (If you decide to hop on board the oily train, use this link to sign up,

We use Young Living products all over our house and at times I will definitely be talking about them.

HOWEVER, if you are still reading, I'd like to tell you that although this informational website and blog are geared towards oils, I will be talking about other things that us REAL MOMS deal with on a daily basis. Such as chores, ugh, kids, ugh and awe, and other things that drive us up a wall but are our entire lives anyways.

So I hope you will stay connected and check back often for what me, the real mom next door, has to complain about and offer you.